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My name is Tea Radić. I received my master’s degree in sculpture from the Art Academy of the University of Split. From the moment I set foot outside the Academy with my diploma in hand, to this day, the focus has been exclusively on Terra.

Object/object functionality is something that I am particularly interested in, and clay is the primary material I work with and through which I express myself.

The name of my brand, Terra, is somewhat of a portmanteau of my name and surname, which has turned out to be quite symbolic in terms of meaning. Terra is earth, the very material I create with.

The process of making ceramics is not easy or short-lived; it requires a great deal of patience with regard to the finished product, and it can take up to 10 days from the beginning of the production, give or take a day, depending on the season, which significantly affects the production process, such as the drying phase.

All stages are extremely important. Patience is the basis of this work. When the object is completely dry, it is ready for the first stage. biscuit firing, followed by glazing. The biscuit-baked object is immersed in the glaze and goes to the last baking to acquire a usable character. Each object is heated at least twice at high temperatures.

The potential that lies in making functional ceramics is so great and endless, and the journey is exciting. This is what keeps me coming back.

I am pleased that the market has recognized Terra, the idea being that the glitter of today’s modern world is colored in a warmer and softer tone.

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