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Hello there. My name is Marina Marinski and you can recognize me cause I’m always covered in clay dust. But it is fairy dust to me… Why? Because it creates loveable dishes that add a pinch of magic to our daily routines.

I grew up in the industrial Adriatic city of Rijeka; half-Croatian, 3/8 Macedonian and 1/8 Greek (you can see Greece in my nose). My father’s family, which gave several prominent photographers, cherished the Orthodox tradition whose motives gradually became an important part of my visual narrative. My mother’s family introduced me to the Catholic Mediterranean images, so the mixture of religions meant that in my family there was always something to celebrate, await, and fantasize about.

I run a small ceramics production company Marinski Heartmades with the ever appreciated help of my husband, my sister and our mutt. Nature is, without doubt, my greatest and truest inspiration.

Marinski Heartmades strives to keep traditional craftsmanship alive. Like many non-material things in life, it’s about the quality, not the quantity.

Marinski Heartmades cherishes honest and sustainable materials. We play fair — with people and the environment. Since all our products are handcrafted — I take every piece at least 15 times into my hands — slight differences in drawing, color and form may appear. But hey, that’s the charm of handmades.

The production process always starts with imagination and continues as a skillful play of hands and clay. Our products are inspired by nature and sweet sweet childhood memories.

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